• Digital Menu - Create a digital counter for all your facilities, from restaurants to spa, golf and water parks
  • Reserve, order & pay - Share your offer with your guests, from littles to adults. Empower them to take action immediately by reserving a table or a massage, ordering for room service or chatting with the assistance bot
  • Automate incentives - Encourage your guests to consume services with real-time incentives sent to their mobile.
  • Frontend access - Guests & personnel Interact in real time and use same platform.
  • Backend access – Revenue management and controlling has now one single action point and one database to control.
  • Display content for Context - Bring relevant content for guests by time, proximity, and capabilities and according to their personal preferences & interests.
  • F&B Check-in - Check in your guest to the F&B board and automate admission to boarding possibilities.
Whats In For The Guests And Residents
  • Digital menu for facilities within the resort & selected partners
  • Deals, discounts & vouchers selling point
  • Real-time availability for services and products Humanbot chat with reception or different facilities within the resort Adapted content to the language, taste preferences and settings of the user
  • Reservations for restaurant, spa's, etc
  • Pre-paid reservations for selected services or products Dine-in Pick-up & delivery services from within the resort of selected partners
  • Vouchers for access, discounts and different services
  • Integrated loyalty system
    Account sharing with the family/friends Track your friends within the resort, share location & service together
Whats In For The Resort
  • Unique selling point for all your facilities Personalised experience for visitors, guests or residents Individual, business or family check-in services Vouchers for access, discounts and different services Integrated loyalty system
  • Operational support for all your front-end necessities
  • Reception Customer assistance
  • Room-service
  • Waiters
  • Kitchen
  • Real-time configuration for products, services and facilities
  • No technical skills needed
  • Customized reporting services
  • POS integration