Our Values
  • Search and find various restaurants recommended by people be it local residents or international tourists within your area of interest
  • Choose various cuisines from different restaurants at your hotel room or from the comfort of your house
  • Experience Dine-In, Pick-up, Pre-order online and delivery services at your convenience
  • Digital FnB check-in
  • Save time
  • Cut the queues
  • No more waiting for an order taker
  • Contactless
  • Beach/Pool/Room service instant orders
  • Buy vouchers, get discounts, avail value adds.
  • Book Spa, Events, Cleaning or Laundry.
  • Transactions are secured as we use blockchain based decentralized network
  • Smart Contracts
Our Key Business Objectives
  • Platforms - Interoperability
  • Partnerships – To be with the best
  • Distribution - Crossover