Elite is an application that enables local (food and services) ordering in 3 star to Super Deluxe Hotels. Elite helps you Connect and address your guest actively during their stay.

Know their preferences and habits, help them find the best dinner for their special stay and the best massage. Relax them with a last-minute offer for a Golf tee time.

Help them stay connected with their family and eliminate security check-ups for breakfast- entry or special areas within the resort.

Care for them actively while empowering them. We provide real-time availability for services and restaurants, real-time customer support, instant reservation and ordering process, digital menu for facilities, services & products, vouchers and admission tickets, personalized service by history, family and habits. Our software lets your housekeeping group mark rooms out of order, dirty, or clean. When these details come in one central place that offers the front desk visibility of room statuses, it helps you to implement early room moves and check-ins without the need to radio the housekeeping supervisor. It takes care of in room dining, upgrading the experience for hotels and resorts.

Our intuitive events module can effectively help you organise your seminars, meetings and conferences with ease.

You can present the order of events in a variety of formats, tailoring it to suit you.

It has as bonus features including an online food ordering function, spa, laundry & events reservation capabilities and direct remote access.

Our modern, cutting edge contactless functionality and enhanced features, will help you streamline your guest experience, giving you the ability to provide laundry, spa, events or food delivery options.

Assign Room Cleaning tasks to Housekeeping or Laundry. Leverage the power of Elite to manage your hotel operations on the go. With this smart software, you can speed-up check-ins, check-outs, housekeeping operations, manage multiple POS outlets efficiently and get access to actionable reports from the convenience of your home. Our software helps you empower your sales team to sell immediately. With Elite, complex processes like changing rack rates, seasonal rates, and any other pricing plan can be carried out through just a few taps. It also lets you create individual, corporate, and travel agent reservations without any extra effort. Adopt Elite to offer the convenience of super-fast check-in and check out to your guests and enhance their experience. Quickly scan guest IDs from different countries and finish the check-in a few seconds. Manage bills and accept payments to checkout guests quickly without any hassle. We offer an incredible tape chart view. Create reservations, modify them, check-in, check-out and move reservations with utmost simplicity from this single screen dashboard - anytime, anywhere.

It also comes with self-guided walking tours that helps new users to get familiar with each and every aspect of the app. Now, boost your reservations, revenue and reputation on the go with this top-tier software. From assigning tasks and rooms to your housekeeping staff to changing the housekeeping status of a room, the housekeeping console gives you enough power to keep the department running seamlessly.

The software is designed in such a way that it reduces the time between checkouts and check-ins by making the rooms available to your guests faster. With Elite, offer them a pleasant guest experience right from check-in to check-out. Use Elite to perform all necessary POS tasks. Whether its a room order or a table order or a takeaway, it lets you manage everything at a significantly faster pace. Along with taking/ managing orders, you can also automate invoicing and process payment in real-time, and even process refunds without having your guests to queue up. Our innovative Elite will provide users with comprehensive control over all front desk tasks, directly. Get it and start experiencing the benefits.

Cloud-based Resort Management Software

Cloud-based Resort Management Software
  • Elite helps you with powerful features and functionalities to ensure end-to-end resort management with ease. Easy-to-use yet robust resort management software
  • Less Capex, no investment in servers and software upgrades
  • Access our software on-the-go
  • Streamline operations, reduce errors and save costs
  • Improve staff efficiency, save man-hours

Easy reservation process with a smart front desk Ensure an easy reservation/booking process with our software’s front desk module

  • Improve Customer Services with Efficient Front Desk Management
  • View up-to-the-minute room availability
  • Easily select-drag-drop to modify reservation/to upgrade rooms.
  • Check-in/check-out groups/FITs quickly and easily
  • Auto-fill returning guests’ detail/history
  • Manage Room Distribution Easily
  • Speedy Frontdesk handling with centralized Focus on all Services
  • Complete Guest History On a single click

Ensure efficient housekeeping with Elite

Housekeeping plays a very important role in improving guest experience. Here is how Elite can help you:

  • Assign tasks to your housekeeping staff and track them to ensure timely completion
  • Enable housekeeping staff to mark rooms as 'clean and ready to occupy' so that the front desk staff gets to know the room status in real-time
  • Manage Room status Check: Dirty, Clean, Inspected, Under Repair, Completion
  • Easy communication between Housekeeper & you
  • Avoid work duplication
  • Banquets Bookings Hall Wise Status Calendar
  • Standard/Customised Menu Selection
  • Billing with multiple Settlement Options
  • Embedded Production Formula Recipes and automated status for Raw Material auto Consumption OutSourced Services

Elite helps you attract more guests

Attracting and serving leisure guests is key to the success of your resort. See how Elite can assist you in this:

  • Apply promo codes/special discounts to attract more guests
  • Apply length-of-stay-based reservation rules to earn more room revenue
  • Use occupancy-based dynamic pricing
  • Apply calculated overbooking rules to ensure 100% occupancy

Let Elite manage your POS outlets

Leverage the power of Elite to setup unlimited POS outlets as per your requirements:

  • Seamlessly manage restaurants, F&B outlets, gift shops, gyms, spas, etc
  • Categorize food items such as breakfast, lunch and dinner through shift management.
  • Integrate with payment processors to easily accept payments
  • Split bills by food type as per the guest requirements
  • Manage your parking space and charge your guests for it
  • Create separate activity-based POS points and charge your guests accordingly

Increase your hotel's profitability

Set the right room rates for your hotel based on market and competitor pricing analysis. our integrated solution will help you take the right business decisions in real-time and win over competition:

  • Create relational rates with the PMS System
  • Setup multiple rates and type support in a single day using the our Software
  • Change room rates with occupancy-based dynamic pricing feature of Elite
  • Leverage the power of our software to setup and change daily/monthly rates

One solution for all your hotel management needs. Simplify and automate your daily hotel operations with a highly flexible and feature-rich system.

Fast check-in/out procedure - Handling individual or group bookings at your property becomes trouble-free with the best software in India.

Meal plans and packages - Easily configure various rate and meal plans in the software. Further, you can set up and sell those combined rate plans as packages.

Hotel operation on-the-go - Our software comes with an advanced mobile app, that allows you to perform several hotel operations right at your fingertips.

Manage hotel reservations - Our software allows you to perform several operations and manage reservations from various booking sources.

User privileges and security - Create multiple users and grant them data access based on the roles they fulfil at your property to add an extra level of security.

Mobile guest self-service portal - Let your guests build and manage their profiles, perform self check-in, request services, check bills, and more; all from their mobile devices.

Centralized credit card center - Our software lets you perform various credit card operations (verify, capture, authorize, etc) to reduce no-shows at your property.

Get the best software for your property

Manage real-time rates and availability on all connected OTAs and metasearch engines.

Set rate limits - Elite lets you set a minimum and maximum rate threshold to save you from potential revenue loss.

Superfast inventory distribution - You can offer prompt bulk updates for rooms, rates, and inventory on various connected channels within seconds.

Automatic credit card verification - You can verify guests' credit card details, and notify if invalid to help you reduce your no-shows and cancellations.

Maintain rate parity - You can push your updated prices across all online platforms and ensures 100% rate parity.

Competition analysis - The rate shopper tool helps you monitor your competitors’ rates on OTAs to help you make better business decisions.

Offer pay@hotel bookings - Send an online payment link to your pay@hotel guests.

In built OTA promotion - Our all rounder software allows you to manage OTA promotions and messages in the software itself.

A responsive software for direct reservations

Offer your guests a quick and smooth reservation experience to book their stay directly from your website.

Easy booking process - A simple 2-step booking process makes it easy for visitors to book directly from our responsive booking engine.

Website chatbot support - Answer your website visitors queries 24*7 through a hotel chatbot providing them with all the essential information.

Ready to use widgets - Convert your website visitors into bookers by adding various plug-and-play widgets to your website through the booking software.

Group bookings for hotel chains - Let your users book with any of your properties on various locations from our single, secure online software.

Payment gateway integration - Elite software is integrated with leading payment gateways to let you accept payments from several modes.

Multiple languages & currencies - Let your users browse in any language and make payments seamlessly in their preferred currency.

Centralised data - Our software offers insights into booking logs, reports, and statistics to provide you with comprehensive data and guest preferences.